Lhama Clicker

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Some information about Lhama Clicker

The exciting fact about Lhama

Play Lhama Clicker to train my skills with the Lhama character. Increase your Lhama to unlock as many skills and upgrades which help you get more scores.

Lhama is a llama. They are smaller than normal camels and look very cute. They possess the distinctive features of a camel. In this game, Lhama is the main character.

Lhama will be customized with many hats which are eye-catching. To unlock them, you need to have as many Lhamas as possible. In addition, you can also change the scenery and weather to make your Lhama more prominent.

Increase your number of Lhama

There are two ways to get more Lhamas. First, you will use the mouse to click on Lhama in the center of the screen. The faster you click, the higher your number of Lhama will be. You will get loads of Lhamas. You need to accumulate them until you have enough Lhama to buy more upgrades.

Second, you can use upgrades to increase the number of Lhama. The number of Lhama increases significantly after you use the upgrades. The more upgrades you unlock, the more Lhama you get.

Some upgrades in Lhama Clicker

There are countless upgrades in this game. You can buy them when you have enough Lhama. These upgrades will increase you from 1 to 1000 Lhama. These include Clicker, Lhama Farm, Lhma Stable, Copper Clicker, Lhama Mine, Lhama Factory, Silver Clicker, etc.