Kingdom Survivor

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The facts about Kingdom Survivor

The game rules

Kingdom Survivor offers a frantic battle where you try to survive. You need to kill all enemies to save yourself and go around to collect gold coins.

A firefight is going on in the game. You will transform into a king who is trapped in hell where there are scary things. You will confront zombies, vampire bats, etc. They want to attack and take your life. You need to destroy them before they do. You will play until you run out of energy and cannot continue fighting. Make an effort to conquer as many levels as possible.

Besides, you can also dodge enemies by running away. However, this is not a good way. It will cost you time. At the same time, it will increase the number of opponents significantly. You will need to destroy the opponent at the same time.

Finally, you have another mission is to collect many coins and gems. They appear in the playground. The more gold coins you collect, the more upgrades you have. Good luck.

Control the character

Hold and drag the left mouse button to move.

Press the left mouse button to shoot.

Some features of Kingdom Survivor

Select the skills

There are three types of skills for you to choose from. The first type can help you shoot an arrow toward a random nearby enemy. In addition, it can launch an extra arrow per level. When using the second skill type, you can shoot an arc of daggers in the direction the player is moving. You can also increase the damage of each dagger per level. The last skill can spawn a revolving ball around the character that damages enemies on contact. You can select one of three skills to start the game.

Purchase the upgrades

You can upgrade your character's armor. So he can be better protected. If you want to move faster then you should boost the shoes. Finally, increase your energy with your coins. You need to gather many coins to buy them.