HexAquatic Kraken

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Conquer many levels in HexAquatic Kraken

The game rules

Embark on HexAquatic Kraken to unlock as many challenging levels as possible. You need to complete all tasks to pass the level within the allotted time.

The game will have a lot of different requirements. Each level will have different requirements. You need to complete the assigned tasks. Some rank missions include achieving the required score., eliminating marine animals, filling the grids with water, etc. There are many other interesting missions waiting for you.

To complete the missions, you need to connect the sea animals together. You need to match at least three of the same animals. They will disappear from the grids immediately. The more animals you can match, the more points you get. You can also win three stars if you complete the mission excellently. Good luck.

Some tips to win

You should develop smart strategies to be able to complete the level quickly. You should aim for grids with many similar animals. If you remove multiple animals at once, you can save time. In addition, when playing the game, you also need to be very agile to find special locations or special sea creatures. They will be great power-ups for you. They will assist you in completing the task.

The traits of HexAquatic Kraken

In the game, your time is limited. You only have 60 seconds to complete the level. You can only move to the following levels if you have enough time. If your time runs out, you have to replay the level. Let's play the game until you can pass the level.

Moreover, the difference will increase after each You may face a more challenging level. Try your best to win the game. Can you become the best player in the game? Come on and conquer it.