Heroball Superhero

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The overview of Heroball Superhero

The mechanics of the game

Heroball Superhero is a fantastic running game with a superhero ball. To reach the finish line, you need to avoid obstacles and jump over the gaps.

Balls printed with superheroes are the first attraction of the game. There are many different superheroes for you to choose from. However, you will start with the Captain first. To unlock other superheroes, you need to have enough stars. So you need to collect as many stars as possible to unlock more interesting characters.

The second attraction of the game is the gameplay. The gameplay of the game is very simple. You will navigate your ball to reach the finish line. After reaching the finish line, you can move to the following levels. You also need to be careful to avoid the obstacles. They are placed on the track. They include thorns, rocks, etc. In addition, you also need to be careful to overcome gaps. If your character falls, you lose immediately. Good luck.

Control your character

W to jump.

A to go back.

D to go forward.

S to land.

Some tactics to overcome the level of Heroball Superhero

To get many stars and conquer many levels, you need a smart strategy. First, you need to know the rules of the game. You also need to master how to control your ball. Next, you need to practice many times to become a master of the game. Then, you can overcome the obstacles easily. In addition, when you face large gaps, you can hold W to jump far. In the same way, you also jump over the high platforms. Finally, you do not miss any stars. They can help you to exchange other balls which have the new power. Have fun.