Happy Popcorn

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The overview of Happy Popcorn

The mechanics of the game

Participate in Happy Popcorn to check your skills with a fantastic challenge. Your mission is to fill the pot with popcorn and not let them drop.

Popcorn is a very popular snack. The way to make popcorn is also very simple. But your task in this game is to fill the pots with popcorn. Although it sounds easy, you also need to be clever to not let any popcorn fall out. At each level, the number of popcorn allowed to fall out is three popcorn. If the number of popcorn drops is more than three, you will be forced to replay the level until you complete the mission.

When filling the pots with popcorn, you also need to pay attention to the limit dot line. You just need to pour popcorn so that they reach the limit dot line. As soon as all the dot lines turn green, you will complete the level. Try to pass as many levels as possible. You will get a lot of gold coins if you complete the task excellently.

You can collect keys by making popcorn fall on them. But this key can help you unlock treasure chests. As a result, your number of gold coins will increase significantly.

Some strategies to win the game

Do you have any smart strategies? You should fill the pot slowly. If you fill quickly, the popcorn may be thrown out. There is no limit to your time, so you can calmly handle difficult situations. In addition, you can use the items in the pot to prevent popcorn from dropping.

Moreover, when filling the pot, you need to focus on the moving platforms. They can cause your popcorn to splatter more. You need to wait for the right moment and continue to fill the pot. Good luck! In addition, if you want to join another great game, you can select Color Tunnel. It is an amusing game with a remarkable mission.

Some outstanding traits of Happy Popcorn

To make the game more interesting, you can change skins and launchers. There are many different types. All of them are very eye-catching.

The skins

To unlock skins, you will use gold coins to buy them. Each skin type will have a different price. So try to complete many levels to get more gold coins. You can also unlock treasure chests to get more gold coins. Then you can own many different types of skins. Good luck.

The launchers

Launcher is usually placed in many different locations. Basically, the effect of the launchers is not different. Their task is to fill the pots. However, with new launchers, you may have more motivation to continue conquering challenging levels. To be able to get new launchers, you need to complete excellent levels. Do not let the popcorn fall out. Launchers will slowly appear after each level. There are 6 launchers for you. Try to unlock them. Have fun. Can you unlock all of the launchers?