Happy Hop

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How to jump over many platforms in Happy Hop

Happy Hop offers unique gameplay to help you relax. When joining the game, you need to control your cute character to hop into higher platforms.

Hop with your character in this game to get the highest score. In the game, you will navigate a cute character. It can jump to high platforms. You need to help it hop higher. As a result, you will get a high score. You can break your own record by playing the game.

The platforms in the game are also divided into different categories. The backgrounds will be colored depending on the background. They can be orange or green. They are solid platforms to jump over. You need to avoid blurred backgrounds because they are practically non-existent. Those pink backgrounds can disappear at any time. In addition, cracked platforms are also highly dangerous. They will crash after your character hops over them.

In the game, you can also collect power-ups to get more points. You can collect rainbows. Then your character will hop through the platforms automatically. X2 power-up will increase your score significantly. Then, you can continue hopping by pressing the left and right arrow keys. Use them to avoid deadly obstacles.

Some items you can collect in Happy Hop

The hearts

The bottom bar will show your remaining energy. Friend Your character will lose immediately if this bar runs out. You need to add other hearts on platforms to be able to go further. Collecting many hearts will help you break your own record.

The stars

The amazing stars in the game are also very useful. They can help you exchange for more likable characters. They have different looks and features. They will bring you interesting experiences. You need at least 100 stars to be able to change the first character. The following characters will have a higher price.