Hanuman Adventure

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What appealing of Hanuman Adventure

Some exciting missions

Participate in Hanuman Adventure to enjoy the best adventure. The game allows you to control your character to jump over obstacles and collect many coins.

Welcome to this fascinating journey. You will receive the task of controlling your character. He is an ancient man with a mace in his hand. You will control him to complete his mission.

While controlling the character to explore everything, you should be careful with the obstacles. They are gaps and big torches. They hurt your character. As a result, you are forced to stop the game. Dodge them by jumping over them or somersaulting to avoid two consecutive obstacles.

Another extremely interesting mission is that you will collect a lot of gold coins on the way. Let's collect them.


WASD to move.

W to jump.

O to slash.

P to attack.

Two game modes of Hanuman Adventure

Runner mode

This first mode allows you to conquer the track with countless dangerous traps. You need to control your character skillfully to be able to dodge them. On the endless track, you can show your excellent running skills. Try your best to win with the highest scores. In addition, you must join this game mode first to collect coins. If you have enough coins, you can move to the Story mode.

Story mode

You have to play in Runner mode until you have enough gold coins to open other strange new locations in Story mode. There are many places for you to explore. The first location requires you to try 300 coins to unlock it. Let's unlock other locations one after another. You will be immersed in a new space. In addition, in this mode, you will have to face a lot of opponents. You need to destroy them before they do. You can use the mace to defeat others.