Guns Of Rage

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About Guns Of Rage

The gameplay

Guns Of Rage offers a fierce shooting match among fighters. You must shoot your rivals down and collect many coins to upgrade your weapon or skills.

A deadly campaign is waiting for you. You will be a strong warrior and join the fight. Defeating all opponents is your mission. Countless opponents are threatening your life with dangerous shots or knives. You need to dodge their bullets and destroy them again.

Initially, you will receive a gun. You use it until you collect another more powerful gun. In addition, you can also buy heavy guns thanks to the gold and diamond coins you earn. It will help you eliminate your rivals quickly. So, you do not need to be scared when facing them.

In the end, you have to destroy the boss of the opposing team. He sits in the helicopter and does not stop throwing bombs at you. You will take a lot of time to destroy him because he is protected by the helicopter. You should shoot down the whole helicopter. After finishing, you will get many rewards such as starts, gold coins, and gems.

How to control

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.

Use the spacebar to jump.

Use the left mouse to shoot.

Some upgrades in Guns Of Rage

The powerful weapons

There are four kinds of weapons. The first is the primary weapon with many powerful guns. You must use your coins to purchase. They include UZI, P100, M4 CQB, Shotgun, Pullpup, etc. Next, the Special weapon includes many cutting-edge guns, like Famas, Fireball, Slip, Laser, etc. You also buy a lot of grenades.

The skills

To be able to upgrade your character's skills, you must use your gems. Each skill will need more than 30 gems to buy. If you can unlock all skills, your character will be the strongest in this fierce battle.

The characters

Like Happy Wheels, the game gives you a lot of characters. Some characters that must be mentioned are Handsome Man, Shadow Dancer, and Oldman Tracer. They are extremely strong. They also have some available skills to defeat your enemies.