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How to play Growmi

Growmi is the ultimate brain game where you have to come up with a strategy to win. Your snake character must collect all stars to pass the level.

In the game, you will see a yellow snake trapped in the playground. It needs to find a way out. However, the surroundings were surrounded by high walls. Looks like the way out is quite arduous. Growmi- can the little snake escape from this place or will it be trapped forever?

You will join the game and control the snake. First, you can press the WASD keys to help it move. W to go forward and S to go back. A and D to turn left or right. Use them flexibly to help your snake find a way out.

You can only escape after you have collected all the stars on the playing field.

While trying to find the way out, you also need to pay attention to the obstacles. It has small holes and sharp thorns. You need to avoid them. If you can't dodge them, they will either take the snake's life or make the snake stuck forever.

The reason why your Growmi is trapped

Are you wondering why Growmi is stuck? One fine day, when the snake was relaxing, a black hole suddenly appeared. This magical black hole has attracted your character. It approached the hole and was sucked in by the hole. From there, your character goes to a new world. Here it is covered with many walls that's why it needs your help. The game has launched difficult situations that you have to solve. Can you help the snake find the exit?

If you want to make the game harder, you can invite your friend to join it. You and your friend will create an exciting competition. The winner will be a person who can solve the question first. Good luck!