Ghost Wiper

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Some facts about Ghost Wiper

The game rules

Ghost Wiper brings you an exciting adventure with two characters who specialize in catching ghosts. You must cooperate with your partner to subjugate ghosts.

The two ghost catchers received a phone call from their client. He asked the two to come and catch all the ghosts in the house. You need to use your smart skills and strategies to complete the mission. You also forget to work with your partner if you want to quickly catch all the ghosts.

Firstly, the boy character with the glasses must approach the ghost, then use the electronic gun to shoot them until the ghost is paralyzed. It is said that shooting ghosts is one of the most important tasks to capture them. If ghosts cannot be shot, another character cannot subjugate them. Therefore, if you want to finish the game, you must control your character skillfully.

Secondly, another must do the remaining work to catch ghosts. He will throw a trap to subjugate ghosts. These traps just can capture the ghost after the ghosts are paralyzed. As a result, both characters must work together well. So, let's cooperate with your partner when playing the game to finish. After that, you can move to Dino Game to enjoy.

How to control

Player 1

WASD to move

W to jump.

S to hidden.

F to shoot.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

L to throw trap.

K to throw/pick up the box.

The features of Ghost Wiper

Three lives for each character

In the game, each character has three lives. You must remember that on the adventure, there are a lot of traps and enemies. They want to threaten your life. They can destroy you. Therefore, you must avoid them. Jumping over them is the best way. Let's come up with an excellent tactic to dodge them in time.

Many challenging levels

There are 20 challenging levels for you to try. You must conquer them in turn. If you cannot finish the level, you cannot move to the following level. The difficulty will increase gradually through levels. Try your best to complete your tasks. Good luck!