Geometry Dash Motion

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The information about Geometry Dash Motion

Geometry Dash Motion is a fun running game with a fast beat. Try to complete the race with an impressive score and rank at the top of the leaderboard.

The game is primarily concerned with gameplay. The speed is quick, and memorizing timings and some other skills are necessary to finish the level. It is said that it is a fast-paced version because there are a lot of things moving. Initially, you will control a straightforward cube character to perform some basic jumps. Then, you have to avoid picking up skulls. Throughout the level, if you pick up them, they will make you vanish and reappear continually. As a result, you cannot complete the game. Next, you change into a robot and have to make tiny hops to cross the spikes at double speed. The level will briefly go into automatic mode. In this mode, you can overcome ascending a ramp while defying gravity and passing gravity portals to reach the other sections. After that, you must make a smooth transition to the following section. Finally, you must finish the race track in its entirety.

Controls Geometry Dash Motion

Hold the left mouse to jump high.

Release the left mouse to land.