Flappy Family

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The principle of Flappy Family

Flappy Family offers an extremely intense competition between birds. Your task is to assist your bird character in flying through as many pipes as possible.

The game is a later version of the game Flappy Bird. Unlike the previous version, you can only play single, in this game, you can invite a friend to join the game. Before starting the game, choose the color of your bird. You can choose any color you like. After that, you will take turns controlling the character. Click the left mouse button to make it fly. You have to align skillfully to be able to control the height of the character. You are not allowed to hit the water pipe or fall to the ground or you will lose your life. You will take turns playing and competing in three rounds. The person who can pass more water pipes will be the winner.

What's more, if you do not compete with another one, you can play alone. Select the 1P mode to play as the previous version of the series game. The game has many outstanding points compared to the previous version. You can participate in the game to experience these advantages. Both this game and Happy Wheels are games with bright and eye-catching graphics. They are suitable for everyone.

How to control

Use the left mouse to control the birds.

How to win in Flappy Family

  • You can play 1P mode to practice before competing against another person. You will gain a lot of experience and become proficient. As a result, you can beat your opponent easily.
  • You should adjust the timing of the left mouse button to make sure your character does not fly too high. In addition, you must be careful not to cause it to fall to the ground.