Fish Story 2

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The gameplay of Fish Story 2

Participate in Fish Story 2 to complete challenging tasks. Your mission is to match three or more same gems under the water to get high points and win.

Underneath the ocean, there are many gems shaped like ocean creatures such as oysters, snails, bottles, starfish, etc. You need to move them to match them. You must match at least three identical gems for them to disappear. The more gems you match, the more points you get.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the number of your moves. You do not have too many moves, so you need to use them properly. If you use all the moves, you lose. Besides, there are many interesting tasks waiting for you. Each level will have different tasks. You must complete them before the moves run out. Good luck.

The excellent gems and boosters in Fish Story 2

In the game, you can create two special gems. They will help you. The first type is Cross Blast. They will appear if you can match 4 of the same gems. They can remove more gems. The second type is the Color Bomb. Color Bomb will help you match any different gems. They will disappear even though their color is different.

In addition, you conquer many high levels, you will unlock four types of boosters. The first two types of boosters are Swap boosters. when using them, you can swap the location of two gems in a remote location. The Trident booster is the latter. It can break any gems. If you want to unlock all four boosters, join the game now.