Doodle Cricket

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The game rules of Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is an exciting sports simulation game. Your task is to prevent your opponent from destroying your wicket by using the bat to hit the ball.

On the playing field, there are two teams. Your team has two members who are two cricket animals. The opposing team with many members is divided into two parts. The first part is a snail who is a bowler. The others are fielders. When the snail bowler throws the ball, you must control your character to hit the ball. You must try to hit the ball, and protect your wicket. If your wicket is broken, you will lose. In addition, when you hit the ball exactly, your characters have to run back and forth between the two ends of the pitch. Then, they will swap the position. Continue playing the game until your wicket is broken.

When you can hit the ball, you can get from one to six points. The better your shot, the higher score you get. If the shot does not go well but your wicket is not damaged, you can get 1 point. Both Moto X3M and this game are sports games that bring fierce competition. You will immerse yourself in them and relieve stress. If you are a big fan of sports games, you do not ignore them. Join now to experience it.

How to control

Use the left mouse to hit the ball.

Some tricks to get 6 points each hitting turn

  • You must always keep an eye on the ball. Focus on looking at the ball and judging its trajectory. You can hit the ball quickly and accurately.
  • Press the left mouse button as soon as the ball is close to your wicket. You will hit the ball further, higher. As a result, you will score 6 points.
  • Always hold your bat tight and tight. You can create a great shot when you are confident enough.