Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!

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The overview of Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!

The mechanics of the game

Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! is an interesting defense game. Your mission is to protect at least one gem to complete the level before enemies take all of them.

If you are passionate about defense games, you should not miss this game. The game is released for those who love this game genre. Can you protect the gems?

In the game, you need to protect the gems from enemies. They are approaching where the gems are. They are your top threat. They can beat you and take all the gems. So you need to be careful.

Until the battle is over, you must protect at least one gem. If you cannot protect any gems, you cannot move to the following levels. Try to protect them. Are you ready to fight?

How to defend the enemies

To protect the gems, you need to build a wise defense system. There are many types of towers with many different functions. You will use them to be able to defeat opponents who are trying to reach your gems. Please select a tower you want. Then you need to put them in the position you want. You can put it in any position. However, consider before placing them because you don't have too much gold to buy many types of towers. You need to accumulate gold coins through the goals. Then you can defeat more enemies.

Some features of Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!

Some towers

As you know, the game has a lot of towers. You can select Dens which can be built on grass. They are very strong. You can beat many opponents thanks to it. The Crypt can be placed on the snow. Therefore, it possesses the great power of snow and ice. It can freeze other opponents. So, you can block their way. Finally, you can place the Temple on the rock. They can shoot your rivals down.

Some weapons

Axes, snow bullets, and fire bullets are the spells cast for you. They correspond to each tower type. You need to understand them well to be able to use them effectively. Depending on the type of opponent, you can use different types of towers and weapons. Let's fight hard to protect the gems.