Color Pixel

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What is appealing about Color Pixel

Color Pixel is an attractive coloring game in which you can finish a lot of wonderful pictures. Color according to the pre-numbered cells to get the picture.

Are you an art lover? If you love art and want to immerse yourself in a great play space, this game is the ideal choice for you.

If you are not good at drawing, you can choose to color. The available paintings will entertain and relax you. You can color the available pictures to be able to create complete pictures. You need to color according to the numbered cells. Each color will correspond to a different number. You need to color in the cells that are already marked. Complete your beautiful pictures.

The game requires you to use the mouse to play. You can click on cells to color them. You choose the Setting icon to choose other functions. You can zoom out or zoom in on the screen to see the numbers better. You can delete the color if you have confusion. Good luck.

Some outstanding traits of Color Pixel

In the game, you can choose lovely pictures. There are many pictures to choose from. The pictures have a lot of lovely animals. What kind of animal do you like best? The game brings a lot of great pictures. You can choose any picture without having to meet the requirements.