Climbing Bird

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Some game rules

Welcome to Climbing Bird to climb as far as possible with a bird character. You have to avoid colliding with obstacles while trying to collect the gems.

In the game, you control the red bird character. Your task is to help it climb as high as possible to escape the confinement of this deep hole. However, things are not as simple as you imagine because of the appearance of obstacles. They are large rocks thanks to the arrangement on either side of the wall, which puts your character at high risk. So, you need to support your character to overcome them. Remember not to crash into any obstacles unless you must stop the game.

In addition, while climbing, you need to focus on the gems. Let's collect as many gems as possible. These gems can help you change characters. There are many other birds waiting for you to unlock. You can choose any character if you have enough gems. Good luck.

It is said that the game is extremely exciting and suitable for everyone. You can join the game to express stress. The game will offer an amusing playing field. Can you overcome many challenging levels? Let's try your best to avoid the obstacles and collect gems. Have fun. If finishing the game, you can move to Color Tunnel.

Controls characters

You do not need too many operations to control your character. You need to use a good mouse to complete the task. If you want your bird to fly, tap the left mouse button. The faster you tap, the faster it flies. If you want your bird to fly low, you can release the left mouse. Remember that your bird is not allowed to land. Any error can cost you your life. You need to be careful to level up.

Some tips and tricks to win in Climbing Bird

Get a tapping lesson

Your bird will gather momentum and climb more quickly if you tap quickly while tapping slowly will essentially cause your bird to remain at its current height or slightly increase it. Learn how each tapping technique functions and apply it to become the champion with the best scores. Never take a chance and always choose the safest area. Let's stop in the areas which are not having any spikes. In addition, you can play the game many times to become a master. You can play the game competently. As a result, you can level up successfully. If you are keen on the exciting game, you can invite your friends to join.

Miss some gems

Gathering all gems is not the best mission. You can level up without gathering any gems. Collecting gems may eventually replace other objectives in the game as your primary motivation. As a result, you will really travel much farther if you miss a gem in order to reach an opening that you can reach. Then, you can miss some gems if you feel that collecting them can take your character's life. Make an effort to exist as long as possible.