Candy Match 3

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The principles of Candy Match 3

Candy Match 3 is an entertaining arcade game. The game requests you to match at least three candies to get points and complete the tasks to pass the level.

In the game, you will see a playground filled with candies. They have attractive shapes and colors. You need to match three or more of the same candies to make them disappear. As a result, you will get more points. In addition, you need to focus on your task. Each level will have different tasks. You need to make the requested candies disappear. You need to try to complete your mission before you run out of moves. If you have used up all the moves you will lose.

What's more, you can create power-ups to make the game easier. If you match four of the same candies, you will get balls or rainbow candies. They allow you to remove any candy. If you can match five of the same candies, you can get a bomb. It will make a large amount of candy disappear around it. Take advantage of the power-ups to win the level.

The traits of Candy Match 3

You can create your own power-ups or you can unlock power-ups. If you reach the required level, all of them will be unlocked. There are four kinds of power-ups that appear in the left corner of the screen. These power-ups have a better use than the power-ups you can create yourself. Try to conquer as many levels as possible to unlock them.