Build Your Rocket

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What is Build Your Rocket

Let's fly to other planets by setting up a rocket in Build Your Rocket. You need to make a powerful rocket and navigate it to reach lots of planets.

The game will bring new and unique gameplay. You will become a good engineer in this game. You will complete your job to be able to help rockets reach other planets. The success of adventure depends on you. Are you ready?

In this game, to reach another planet, you must set up a powerful rocket. It must have enough fuel and power to move far. You will be the one to decide what components the rocket must have. This rocket will be launched as soon as you finish building the rocket.

How to play Build Your Rocket

To complete your task, you will use the mouse. You need to click on the components that make up a complete rocket. You will have to put components such as fuel and power into the tail of the rocket. Hold and drag the left mouse button to do that. In addition, when you finish setting up, you need to press the Launch button. Finally, while flying, you need to control the rocket so as not to crash into the obstacle and fly out of orbit. Good luck.