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Some things about Bola

The game rules

Bola is a fantastic running game. In the game, you have to control a ball to gather three stars and collect carrots to open the exit portal and pass the level.

The game has simple gameplay. You can completely understand it from the first try. You need to pass the level and move to the following levels. To complete the level, you need to make the exit portal appear. It only appears when you have collected all three carrots. In addition, you can also collect three stars to increase your score. Your score will be doubled if you get three stars.

In addition, you will face many obstacles in the following levels. They can cost you your life instantly. You have to avoid them. You can also take advantage of the obstacles to complete the game. Good luck!

How to control

The left arrow key to go back.

The right arrow key to go forward.

The up arrow key to jump.

The down arrow key to jump high.

Some strategies you can apply in Bola

  • You should jump higher to be able to jump over high platforms.
  • A low jump is a good way if you do not want to collide with the spikes above.
  • You should take advantage of wooden crates to be able to jump over platforms and obstacles.
  • Repeated practice can help you complete the task quickly.