Biker Street

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The overview of Biker Street

The mechanics of the game

Join Biker Street to help a man steer his bike. You must try your best to go as far as possible while collecting many coins to upgrade your bike.

A challenging track is waiting for you to conquer. Are you ready to immerse yourself in it? In the game, you will see a man with a unique bike. To assist him, you must control the bike well to overcome the challenging terrain. You must face many slopes, rugged paths, etc. When passing them, you must ensure that your bike is not overturned. If you fail, the game is over. Therefore, the game requests you to use skills and excellent strategies to complete your task.

Moreover, you must collect some coins on the track. They can help you to own a better bike. You can upgrade your bike with them. Besides, you should collect the fuel tanks to reach the longest distance.

Navigate your bike

The up arrow key to go forward.

The down arrow key to go back.

The left arrow key to tilt left.

The right arrow key to tilt right.

The upgrades in Biker Street

  • The power: You can boost your bike's power to make it better. The bike can conquer other more challenging tracks.
  • The balance: It is important for your bike. Your bike may not overturn when you upgrade it.
  • The tires: You can own bounce tires which can make your bike overcome the rugged tracks easily.
  • The fuel: Use your coins to purchase them. You can go further. Good luck!