Archer Hunter King

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The thrilling battle in Archer Hunter King

Archer Hunter King is a game that combines archery and strategy. You will control your hero to defeat all enemies and get stars to level up your skills.

You receive the quest from the king and participate in the never-ending battle. It can be said that this is a dangerous and fierce battle. A series of powerful opponents are threatening your life. They put you in great danger. You can die at any time if you do not really pay attention. This battle is also very special. You have no teammates so you have to become stronger to protect yourself.

You will move your character around the playing field looking for opponents. Your bow and arrow will automatically shoot at your opponent when you stand in front of them. Then, when they die, you can get their stars. This number of stars will help you level up or choose better skills.

The skills of Archer Hunter King

It is incredible how different abilities or attack effects can be summoned by gear. To fight more effectively and burn enemies with deadly blows, you can upgrade their equipment. Therefore, you can choose attack speed and knockback.